faizehaakimi - F.A.Q

What shall I do if i have plan of having lunch or dinner outside Faiz?
Zuwwar office should be informed to avoid food wastage, or at least kitchen should be informed.
What is the standard package of Faiz e Haakimi?
Four nights and 5th day departure for $320, which will include the following: a) Raas Al Imam Al Husain (AS). b) Moulatuna Zainab (AS). c) Moulatuna Ruqaiyyah (AS). d) Moulatuna Nafisa (AS). e) Moulana Mohammed bin Abibakr (RA). f) Moulana Malik ul Ashtar (RA). g) Syedi Muqaddas Yusuf BS Najmuddin (QR). h) Jame Anwar. i) Jame Azhar. j) Jame Aqmar. k) Jame Lulua. l) Jame Juyushi, (subject to permission). m) Jame Ateeq. n) Jame Ibn e Tuloon.
Where can I get a local sim card for my mobile?
Zuwwar office can help you get a local sim.
What should I do if I want to stay at Faiz in my trip to Cairo?
You must fill the reservation form at www.faizehaakimi.com. Prior information must be given to Faiz before your arrival.
Is there any route map available for convenience?
Mehman can get route map from the Faiz Reception.
Can we get Salaam Hafti from Faiz?
Yes, you can get it from the Reception with the request to kindly return it before departing.
How can we make arrangements to visit the tourist sites?
If you are interested in any program, Zuwwar office will assist you and will arrange a relaxing trip for you and your family.
Are there any tourist sites around Cairo worth visiting?
Many resorts and beaches, Alexandria and Sharm e Shaikh are worth visiting, Zuwwar office will be ready to help for any further information.
What are the recommended places for shopping?
Khan el khalili bazaar is good place for oriental and antiques, City Stars for shopping and entertainment like movies and restaurants.
Is it allowed to take food from Mawaid to the rooms?
It is strictly prohibited.
Is tea available at all times in Mawaid?
Tea is available after every meal.
Can we pray Namaz by Imamat in Jame-ul-Anwar?
Fajr Namaz is prayed by imamat everyday, Mehmans can go walking for namaz.
What is the distance of Jame-ul-Anwar from Faiz?
Its a 15 min walk and a taxi will take LE 3 to 5. Its a nice walk early morning or at night.
What are the charges for Laundry service and does it wash all clothing?
Yes, all clothing are washed in laundry and the price list is kept in each room.
What is the climate in Cairo and what type of clothing is required?
It is really cold from December
How can we get visit visa for Cairo?
Please refer to the Intructions to Mumineen Page.
Is there a money exchange facility available in Faiz?
Not yet, but you can get exchange from money exchange
How can we make international calls from Faiz?
International calling service is available at the reception @ LE 7/min to any destination.
What currency shall we bring to Cairo for Lawazimaat and other expenses?
US Dollars is best. Indian and Pakistani rupees are not accepted at all, so better to bring USD to avoid problems.
Why was there no electricity in the room when I entered?
That is because you have to insert the plastic keychain in the slit on the left or right side wall of your room in order to activate electricity supply.