8 AM - 8 PM
50 Mins

The Asfour Crystal Egypt is an enchanting blend of Ancient Egyptian craftsmanship and the most sophisticated modern technology. The Ancient Egyptians created glass 5000 years ago, and Asfour Crystal is proud to continue that heritage. The Asfour family has been creating these unique crystal figurines in their modern factory since 1961. Modern technology and the unique skills of Asfour’s Egyptian artisans combine to create elegant crystal figurines and laser-cut crystal collectibles made with 30% sparkling lead crystal. Asfour Crystal is the 21st century technology answer to the original Pharonic glass bead invention, where glass beads had more value than natural precious stones. Asfour means “Bird“ in Arabic and “a bird with open wings logo” is minutely engraved on most finished Asfour Products.
The devotion to excellence and love of perfection has helped Asfour Crystal grow from 200 to 5,000 of the most skilled workers in the industry. Asfour is one of the largest crystal manufacturing companies in the world, creating what we believe are the best crystal creations anywhere!