faizehaakimi - Tannoura

Entrance fee 30 LE per person
Visiting Hours Show timings: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays at 7pm
Traveling time 15-20 mins walk from Faiz

tannouraEl Tannoura dance performance is similar to the more commonly known whirling dervishes; however this version of the indigenous dance incorporates instruments and other additional elements.

tannouraA group of performers appear with an array of instruments ranging from the Daf (tambourine) to the Oud and Ney (flute). After a few solos by various singers, a vocalist appeared on a balcony. This specific vocalist, officially known as the Muezzin, sings of spirituality. The second part of the performance, the Sufi Tannoura Dance (El Darawish) is derived from the dance performed as part of a Sufi ritual. The third part of the performance incorporates a more spectacular dance, more based on the showing of skills and costume design.